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Sculpting Compounds

Dalchem Australia offers a choice selection of of Sculpting Compounds that include Epoxy clays, Oil Based Clay and WED Clay. With the exception of the epoxy clay, The Monster Makers clays can be reused an allow artists to sculpt nearly anything imaginable.

Sculpting Compound Products


Apoxie Sculpt:

Apoxie Sculpt is used around the world by sculptors, restorers, miniaturists, hobbyists, crafters, repair persons, and students. It is used in museums, schools, motion picture studios, aquariums, and theme parks. Apoxie® Sculpt, is a self-hardening synthetic clay that combines the features and benefits of clay with those of epoxies.

Features & Benefits: Offers economy as well as performance, strength and waterproof permanence. Freeze-thaw stable, Self-hardening, 2 part product (A & B) must be mixed thoroughly. Putty like feel, Open working time about 1-3 hours. Cures hard overnight (24 hour full cure), 0% shrinkage, Strongly adheres to almost any clean surface... including ceramic, fiberglass, foam, glass, metal, plastics, resin, stone, wood, and more, Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded, tapped, lathed or otherwise tooled after, User friendly clay. Non-flammable, non-hazardous. No solvents or fumes. Complies with ASTM D.4236., Clean up with water.

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For further information call Dalchem Australia on 03 9553 7040.


Fixit Sculpt:

FIXIT® Sculpt is the newest product in the FIXIT® line. It is great for many uses that require all of the qualities of regular FIXIT®, plus it offers exceptional sculpting qualities. It has a firm feel more quickly after mixing; it resists sagging and drooping; it holds detail and impressions; has a flat matte finish; accepts paints and stains, and offers a very liberal 4 hour working time!

Features & Benefits: FIXIT® Sculpt is a self-hardening, 2 part product (A & B must be mixed), Clay/putty like consistency, Blends and smoothes easily, Firm feel for modeling and tooling, Resists sagging and drooping, Holds detail and impressions, 4 hour working time, Flat matte finish, Extremely adhesive, durable and strong; stands up to UV, fuels, outdoors, etc. Safe up to 500 degrees F, Strongly adheres to nearly any clean surface including ceramic, cement, fiberglass, foam, glass, masonry, metal, plastic, stone, wood, more!

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For further information call Dalchem Australia on 03 9553 7040.


EM-217 (WED) Clay:

(Currently Not Available)

You'll see this clay in use within the pages of Fangoria and Cinefex. EM 217 or Wed clay has become quite popular in the film industry for creating large detailed sculptures. Although it is a water based clay, Wed clay dries more slowly and has many of the same sculpting qualities of oil based clay. Requires a spray bottle of water for maintaining moisture and for smoothing. Can be used for mask sculptures as well. Wed clay is not considered reuseable.

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Buy Online

For further information call Dalchem Australia on 03 9553 7040.

Dalchem Australia are your one stop shop for all your Monster Maker Sculpting Compound needs!
For further information call 03 9553 7040.


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