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Monster Making and Mask Making Tutorials - The Monster Makers


painting-monster-mask.jpgHow to make a Monster?

Stage 1: Creating the Monster Sculpture

Stage 2: Making the Monster Mould

Stage 3: Casting the Monster Mask

Stage 4: Painting the Mask

rotting-skull-12.jpg How to make a Rotting Skull?

Tutorial: Learn how it's done in 12 simple steps.

The main materials you will need are: 1 generic Halloween Skull, Mask Latex, 1 set of acrylic eyes, One Upper and one lower set of acrylic teeth, Selection of Mask Paint, Paper Towelling and two disposable brushes.


latex-mask-12.jpg How to turn your own face into a Latex Monster Mask?

Guide: Learn how it's done in 12 simple steps.

Full Tutorial: Learn how it's done in detail online - This is a more detailed instructional on turning your face into a latex monster mask. This is same demo as above but with much more commentary and of course some extra photos of the process.

To turn you face into a Halloween Mask you will need: 1/2 lb. of Prosthetic Grade Cream Alginate, 3, one gallon buckets, 1 roll of plaster bandages, cotton fiber, 2 pair of latex gloves, 4 lbs. of oil based clay, 1 crock pot, 10 lbs. of water based clay, Two, 2" Chip brushes, 1 Quart of Mask Latex (slip latex or casting latex - different names for the same product) 10 lbs. of White Hyro Cal. You will also need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.

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