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How to Transform Your Own Face into a Latex Monster Mask?


Here is a fun and quick method for creating your own lifelike movie quality Latex Halloween / Latex Monster Mask
courtesy of The Monster Makers.


Tutorial: Learn how it's done in 12 simple steps.


Stage 1:
You'll need a few basic items: To turn you face into a Halloween Mask you will need:† Prosthetic Grade Cream Alginate, or standard Alginate 3 buckets, 1 roll of plaster bandages, cotton fibre, 2 pair of latex gloves,5Lb pack of Monster clay, 1 crock pot ,5kg of water based clay, Two, 2" brushes,† Mask Latex (Brush Latex) 5kg. of Hyrocal or Ultracal. Donít forget Dalchem is your one stop shop for Latex Mask and Monster Making supplies in Australia.


Stage 2:
The first step is to turn our models face (Ronnie) into a Mask. For this we use a Prosthetic Grade Alginate that is mixed into a paste and applied directly to the face.


Stage 3:
Once the Prosthetic Grade Alginate has set, we apply a Rigid Plaster Bandage backing. This will hold the soft alginate in place so it will keep its shape.


Stage 4:
Here, our model holds the completed mould of his face. Every detail is there!


Stage 5.
We want to add some diseased flesh to our mask; so, we melt down some Monster Clay and pour it into the mould. When it cools we will be able to sculpt in any changes. Clay is flexible so it can easily be removed from a rigid mould.


Stage 6:
Here is the clay copy before we add the nasty changes. We clean this up before we begin sculpting. Ultimately we want a Latex Mask so we will have to mould it a second time with Hydrocal. Like slip casting Hydrocal will help cure the Latex.


Stage 7.
The Clay copy of our subject face is altered to create a diseased look. This is fun!


Stage 8.
We need to make a mould of the Clay, in which to cast the Latex. Here we are applying Hydrocal with a brush to capture all the details.


Stage 9.
Once the Plaster is set, the Soft Clay can be easily removed from the rigid mould. The mould heats up as it sets making the Clay soft. All we need to do then is clean the mould to make it ready to receive the Latex.


Stage 10.
Here we are pouring the Latex into the mould, which holds the Liquid Rubber for ten minutes. We then drain the mould of excess Latex and allow it to dry in front of a fan overnight. What is left in the mould forms a skin that air-dries.


Stage 11.
Once the Latex is dry, we simply peel it from the mould. It comes away easily. Because the Plaster is porous the Latex dries from inside out as well. All that is left to do now is paint the Halloween Mask / movie quality Latex Monster Mask.


Stage 12.
To paint the Latex Mask we use a special rubberised Mask Paint. We use a sponge and an airbrush to get the right effect. It does take some practice but the result is well worth the effort. Were sure you'll agree the gruesome Halloween / Monster Mask we've created looks great!


Want to Learn more?

For more detailed information about Latex Mask Making, order the Mask Makers Handbook from Dalchem. This guide features step-by-step tutorials for making Halloween and Monster Masks in a simple and easy-to-read format.

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†††† New PSTF Dye Colour Chart
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