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Dalchem offers a variety of Polyester Resin products used in moulding and casting.

Polyester resins are easy to use, have a fast setting time and is an economical casting resin suitable for many applications.

Some of the main industries polyester resins are used include boat building, surfboard manufacturing and repairs, jewelry making, mould making, pattern making, model making furniture manufacturing, model making and hobby.

Dalchem distributes a first rate range of polyester resin throughout Australia and New Zealand. Assisting you choose the best casting polyester resin for your application is our priority. The dedicated team of staff at Dalchem are trained to provide customers the best advice for all polyester resin applications, be it casting polyester, making a pattern, model or mold.

Our selection of polyester resin includes polyester laminating resin. A popular choice with our customers, this product is often used in the manufacture and repair of fiberglass laminates and mould making. Greater strength is gained when polyester resin is combined with fiberglass chop strand mat and cloth.

Another popular choice at Dalchem is clear polyester casting resin. This products is suitable for casting glass like objects such as vases, trophies, chess sets, fishing lures, lamp bases, resin cast jewelry, door knobs and novelty toilet seats. It is also used for embedding objects such as insects, plants, flowers and shells. Polyester Gel Coat and Polyester flowcoat is applied to the surface of a mold and is used as a protective and decorative finish on fiberglass laminate.

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Polyester Laminating Resin Selection Guide

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Gelcoat Selection Guide

For further information on our range of Polyester resin or professional advice with casting polyester resin, simply contact one of our friendly staff on 03 9553 7040. Or visit our Melbourne showroom at 141 Herald Street, Cheltenham.

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